Football Subscriptions & Registration Form​​​​

To register, please click on the link provided 

Registrations are still open for some grades

**Fun Football, 9th - 12th Grade registration closed, please email parklandsjuniorfootball@gmail for info**

** You will receive a confirmation email once registration is complete **

The registration system implemented by NZ Football is called COMET. If you are an existing player you will have login details from last year alternatively you can request your details before logging in.

You can also visit NZ Football's website which has some useful info about using COMET 

Please take note the profile you create is for the player so please use their details

Please only use a laptop or PC to register, not mobile phone

Our subs for the 2022 season are outlined below. These subs must be paid in full by 30th May 2022 to confirm your place in a team. Account Westpac 03-1597-0013393-00

First Kicks (4-6 yr olds) - $75.00 

Fun Football (7th & 8th grade) - $100.00 

Mini Football (9th - 12th grade) - $125.00

Youth Football (13th - 19th grade) - $130.00 

Senior Student (High School age) - $200.00 

Senior/Masters - $285.00 

Our 9th - 19th grade players are required to purchase a club playing shirt, these are $55.00

* By completing the above Online Registration Form you are accepting that you agree to Parklands United Sports Club's Payment Information which can be found on the link